Call Center

With TUS OFICINAS you will have the following services and benefits:

Scheduling and confirmation of appointments.

Confirmation of attendance, and follow-up to events.

Customer services – PQRs attention.

Database construction and customer profiling.

Own infrastructure with facilities equipment and main and backup internet that allow us to guarantee and efficient service.

Agents and supervisors with 100% face-to-face work.

Platform for call center and contact center management.

Reporting suite to measure and optimize agent activity, campaigns, call distribution and reporting.

Agent monitoring and auditing, call listening, intervention, three-way conferencing, ratings, etc.

Increased productivity through WebRTC technology agile, simple and convergent agent screen.

Staff and agents and supervisor with experience in call center attention.

Reports with customized temporality according to the client´s requirements, daily, weekly, per agent, etc.

Analysis and diagnosis of the operation as a management tool for decision making and resource optimization.